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How To Make Black and White Background: Brad Pitt Photo

Final Image
Original Image
Step 1 Open the image then click at Pen Tool
Step 2 Draw the outside object. Like this:
Step 3 Then press Ctrl + Enter. You can see like this:
Step 4 Go to Image > Adjustment > Desaturate then press Ctrl + D. Do a same step for other area you want to see black and white.
Final Image
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Kaka Convert to Cartoon

Final Photo
Step 1 Open the photo.
Original Photo
Step 2 Go to Filter > Artistic > Cutout
Step 3 Click at Rectangular Marquee Tool. Draw at head. Like this:
Step 4 Then go to Edit > Transform > Warp. Drag like this then Enter:
Step 5 Then press Ctrl + D
Final Photo
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Cristiano Ronaldo Ages Progression

Final Image
Original Image
Step 1 Open this photo. You can find from Google Images. Old man faces
Step 2 Then, crop old man photo. Paste it at Ronaldo layer. For re size just press Ctrl + T. Simple.
Step 3 Change Ronaldo layer mode to Overlay then Go to Edit > Transform > Warp. After re size click Enter.
Step 4 After that, using a soft eraser, size 100 px, retouch at old man layer.
Step 5 Clean at eyes and mouth area. Still at old man layer.
Step 6 Go to Image > Adjustment > Brightness/ Contrast
Step 7 Then change old man layer mode to Soft Light.
Step 8 Go to Image > Adjustment > Brightness/Contrast
Final Image
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Britneys Spears Photo Puzzle

Final Image
Original Image
Step 1 Create a new layer and fill it with black background. Then duplicate the background layer (Britneys Spears. Like this:
Step 2 Click at the top layer.
then, Go to Filter > Texture > Texturizer...
Step 3 Then load texture. Before load you must download a sample puzzle texture. Click here for download. Link
Step 4 Setting the texture size. Depend your photo size. Click OK
Step 5 Using a Pen Tool draw at the puzzle line. Like this:
Step 6 For rotate the puzzle, press Ctrl + T. Rotate the puzzle.
Step 7 Repeat the step.
Step 8 Draw around the photo. For make a frame. After finish you draw, Go to Select > Inverse
Go to Select > Inverse then Ctrl + X
Final Image
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David Beckham Change Color Hair

Hai, today I would like to show you how to manipulate the photo. Final Image
Step 1 Open the picture. Original Picture.
Step 2 Using Lasso Tool, draw at hair area, then make a new layer.
Step 3 Go to Edit > Fill
Step 4 You can choose any color you want. Your own creativity.
Step 5 After you choose your color, click OK. Then you can see like this at a new layer.
Step 6 Then, change mode Normal to Soft Light
Step 7 Change opacity to 42%
Final Image
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Lady Gaga: Accident Effects

Final Image
Original Image
Step 1 First, open the photo using Adobe Photoshop CS4 software. Step 2 After that, download blood photo from Google Images. Like this then crop it using Polygonal Lasso Tool
Step 3 Then copy and add to Lady Gaga mouth. Like this. For resize the blood photo just click Ctrl + T.
Step 4 Find the accident photo from Google Image. Like this:
Step 5 Crop the effect and locate it with your own creativity.
Step 6 For accident layer, change Layer Normal to Multiply.
Step 7 With the same layer, go to Image > Adjustment > Brightness & Contrast. Setting like this:
Step 8 Press B for Brush and choose a soft brush.
Step 9 And you can see like this. After click at blood sample, go to Image > Adjustment > Brightness & Contrast setting like this:
Step 10 Then, go to Image > Adjustment > Vibrance
Final Image
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